III: Dharma Collapse

by The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo

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released February 9, 2015



all rights reserved


The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo Orlando, Florida

no ground to be broken, no dressing to impress, no pretentiousness to pander to. just heavy angry music.

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Track Name: The Tempest
Don't bother asking why I left you to bleed
You should already know that we were never family
This disaster was penned by your fucking hand
Sit and wait for your body to be swallowed by land

There is nothing left
Chasing your dreams into the valley of death
They'll never come true
This world's anathema is people like you

Your words were a cancer
They came in through my ears and festered inside
Collapsing from within I hope it all comes back to you
And eats you alive

The continents cave in
The oceans evaporate
By all means you can try to run
But it has already been too late

I have seen all your bad dreams
You cannot hide them from me
I am the match that started the flames
To burn the skin away into misery

Close your eyes but don't bother with prayers
Unfold your hands because there's no one who cares
Don't waste the time you have with plans for tomorrow
I've seen the future and it only spoke of sorrow

The only beauty I ever found
Was in watching the clock hands turn away
I learned from you that it is only skin deep
I hope I live to see your outsides match your insides someday

The continents cave in
The oceans evaporate
By all means you can try to run
But it has already been too late
Track Name: The Orchid
You were my fiction
We are all someone else's fantasy
I buried my ideals when I realized
The you I knew was not reality

Turning of the wheel
Shifting of time
I hope your light is extinguished
To end your worthless bloodline

There's smoke on the horizon
Set heaven ablaze
I want to see the hope fade from your face
Once you know these are your final days

This life is a curse
We all are dying from the moment of birth
You don't need a palm reading to know
It only will get worse

No eyes to see
No ears to hear
No heart to feel
Your only sense is fear
No light
As the stars fall from the sky
No life
We were all born to die

The seas will rise
The crows will feast upon their eyes
They didn't bother to use them
But I see through your every lie

Buried beneath the orchid
This was a gunshot eulogy
Laid to rest under sand and ice
Buried alive ignoring every plea

I am the terror that haunts your every nightmare
I am the tears wrung from destroyed childhood
I am the tension in your fraying nerves
I am the ashes in the wake of wormwood

No light
No life
Track Name: The Hydra
Look me in the eyes as you breathe your last breath
I'll watch you realize that you deserved death

No sympathy, no sorrow
No hope of seeing tomorrow
Treacherous blood running thin
Bleeding you dry out from under my skin

This is the funeral of the greatest actor alive
Alligator skin concealed beneath along with every lie
Code of conduct written by swine
Marked for death once you crossed every line

There was a time when I believed in forgiveness
There was a time where I felt I could love
Those days are gone there will not be a witness
To the end as death rains from above

Live together or die alone
You made your choice now suffer on your own
Salt the earth once you reap what you've sewn
Surrender to cold once your life has flown

Feebly struggle as you crawl on the ground
Know this is karma and your siren's sound
Drawn to the call like moths to a flame
Wiped from existence they'll soon forget your name

You had your chance, you took your time
Don't waste your breath, I want what's mine

Die like you lived, on your knees
Save your apologies
Track Name: The Flame (FRGSN)
This is an outrage
This is corruption in it's purest form
This is a nation where our children burn
You don't have the right to make demands
When the blood of our youth is on your hands
Down on your knees
Barrel to your forehead
From birth until you're dead
Tune in to tune out
White washed and distracted
History rewritten with
The truth redacted
This is reality in black and white
We are the graveyard of human rights
Stained red spilling forth from the innocent
Tear gassed and choking unarmed in the night
Democracy has perished
Justice is dead
Blindfold removed
Along with her head
Our foundation lies in ruin
This is our constitution's grave
Politician contagion
No one is safe
This is reality in black and white
We are the graveyard of human rights
Stained red spilling forth from the innocent
Tear gassed and choking unarmed in the night
This is not a life
You all hide behind The Eye
Print it on your verdant answers for why
Truth be told it still sees all
It will be there to witness your downfall
The last pillar of freedom collapses
Buried in the dust of our father's dreams
Exhale misery, imbibe tragedy
Our ears are ringing with the tortured screams
Compassion is gone this you cannot deny
We have been silenced and forcefed lies
An eye for an eye would leave us all blind
Despite this oppressors be warned
You deserve to die
Sic semper tyrannus
Track Name: The Looking Glass
Sitting on the safe side of your screen
Spewing your venom throwing threats that I'll bleed
Your every word doesn't mean a fucking thing
If you could pull the trigger, you'd have done it already

This is no ultimatum, you've gambled and you'll lose
This planet is worthless and you're a disgrace
Death is a blessing that you couldn't choose
I'd only want to stay here to spit in your face

Lips sewn shut, fingers removed
Why let you speak when it won't be the truth

Pray you never wake up
This is the end
Lower your eyes as
The smoke ascends

Such a stupid face
I'd love to break it
Such a pointless life
I'd kill to take it

Give into hopelessness
There is no salvation

Ashes to ashes
Body becomes dust
They all will forget you
Long before the screws turn to rust

The coffin collapses
The earth will shatter your bones
I hope that you are buried alive
I hope you know that you're alone
Track Name: The Arrow
You're a fucking coward

Attack from saftey
Throw stones from the shadows
You'll know what fear is
When you see your own bone marrow
You are a plague
Let no one be spared
The cure is to destroy
Minds are closed and unaware

What exactly is the cost of living
There is no pricetag when you
Don't deserve to be breathing
Nothing more than a child in a house made of glass
Cast your judgment knowing you will not last

Caught in the dust
Choking for air
Inhale the stench of burning
Flesh and hair
Look to the sky
As the blue fades to black
Say goodbye to your future
As you cling to the past

We are all orphans of integrity
Stillborn and fostered
In a crucible of feigned morality
What is the value of life
You surrendered yours
When the day became night

Knife to the flesh
Saw to the bone
Cut this disease away
Ashes pour from your home

The day the sun set
Was the day I fell from grace
You had two faces, I took both
Six feet to put you in your place
Track Name: The End
Fuck you and your crew. You and your clique aren't worth shit. This is the brutal truth and I know you can't handle it. Let me know when you've had enough. We both know you'll never measure up. Our brief encounter will serve as nothing more than a parable, you exist to me as a mere lesson, a reminder of the filth humanity has devolved into and you deserve less than that. Abandon dignity if you ever even had it for convenience. You're a fucking joke. The facade collapses, the cracks begin to show. You're a fucking passing phase no one will ever know. No brand, no name, no loyalty, just shame. You aren't cut out to make it in this game. You are not engineered to succeed. Who the fuck do you think you are? This is my world. I don't know who you think you are. I don't know how you got this far. Slither in the soil where you belong, under my heel, out of sight out of mind. No respect for you. I'm sure somewhere out of earshot, you have plenty to say about me. That's fine, your opinions and words amount to less than the smallest grain of sand. Build your false empire on shallow dreams and shallower ideals. I'll be watching when it all collapses. This is my game, this is my world. What's left to say of you and your deceit? This treachery runs deep. You're a dime a dozen and your legacy will crumble in your shadow before anyone ever knows your name. Keep that spring your step. Keep that strut in your walk. Your knees will still buckle when the weight of the world crashes down on you. I want to hear the bones crack. I want to hear the tendons snap. I want to feel your desperation. I want to see the desolation. You are a pest, you are vermin, call the exterminator. Consider this a notice of eviction. I want you out of my life. I don't know why you think that you're hot shit. This is my world and you can't handle it. Like smoke to the hive, cut the ties. you have no place in my life. You can't keep up, you can't fess up, you can't shut up, you goddamn fuck up. Your lies will catch up to you and swallow you alive. Everyone you've fooled will come to know your true nature. This is my world. Stop wasting our time, your vain efforts to make a name for yourself will always end the same. You're gonna fail. You're gonna fall. Close the curtains. End it all. You and your clique ain't worth shit. Fuck you and your crew.