the only good thing roger ailes ever did was die

by The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo

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you spent your entire dipshit life in fear of a hell you thought we would bring. well it's here but you'll never be self aware enough to realize you're the one that caused this. we've spent our entire lives relegated as a subspecies of society. we learned to thrive in darkness. we learned to grow in the shadows you cast. you should be terrified and it's your own damn fault. I've no interest in genuflecting to your idea of tolerable. your entire world is about to end but not the way you planned it, not the way you wanted. we've been here forever, we'll be here forever. die fucking mad. every finger of the monkey's paw will curl around your putrid fucking throat. your entire world is about to end but not the way you wanted.
homophobic punks and metalheads fuck off. I don't fuck with ungrateful class traitors. backstab for the aesthetic. painted nails at your goddamn throat. your idea of counterculture is a hollow spectacle. fuck you and your fragile performative machismo. you could never, motherfucker. you don't stand for shit. get the fuck out of our scene if you're just here to posture for your ego. holding my partner's hand in public is braver than your most controversial opinion you ignorant insecure fuck. keep punching down when you mosh you fake ass shithead poser. get bent you fuckboy.


album IV coming sometime this year

it's very angry

these are 2 songs from it

stay tuned, stay alive, stay mad


released January 11, 2020


all rights reserved



The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo Orlando, Florida

nothing left but hate

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