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There is no need for mincing of words. This is a call out on Putin and his "anti-gay propaganda" laws, on Maxim Martsinkevich, his Occupy Pedophilia movement and all involved with it, any and all who commit violence and abuse against LGBTQ individuals. You are beneath trash, you are beneath human dignity and you are undeserving of every breath you take.


released August 18, 2014

Original photo of Pyotr Pavlensky by Reuters

Sample used in Occupy Ignorance via Vice's Young And Gay In Putin's Russia



all rights reserved


The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo Orlando, Florida

no ground to be broken, no dressing to impress, no pretentiousness to pander to. just heavy angry music.

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Track Name: To Russia, With Love
How terrifying it must be for you
To come to the crushing realization that
your empty existence amounts to nothing
Years will pass and wipe you
From this wretched planet's memory
Everything you strive for is futile
Raise your fist to compassion and equality
See how quickly your bones are shattered
We do not choose how we come into this world
But I have a pretty fucking good idea how you're going to leave it
Miserable, cold and alone
There's no place for you
When there's no place like home
There is nothing to gain from fighting fire with fire
But I've given up on civility
There is no moving the ignorant
There is no swaying the heartless
You are a lost cause
I've given up on civility
Tell me my place in the world
And I will show you yours
Under the ground
Fuck you
I'll love who the fuck I want
Track Name: A Bold And Vicious Exercise In Dismantling The Pride And Ego Of The Unworthy
The convenience of cowardice
It must be so easy to spill the blood of the innocent
when it is so many against so few
how pathetic, you are beneath it all
undeserving of the breath you take
scum of the earth recreant
What do you stand for?
Institutions? False religions?
You are no more than a mannequin
feigned value, pantomimed existence
Can't you think for yourself?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
How strong are you when you're own your own?
I see the fear in your eyes
you are worthless
you are beneath it all
in the shadow of our fury
we will see you fall
What use is your pulse when you don't have a heart?
What use is your brain? it's been dead from the start
no one cares what you think, shut your mouth, on your knees
such delusions of strength when you're so fucking weak
we will see you fall
Track Name: The First Church Of Maxim Martsinkevich Reduced To Ashes
Run your mouth
Spread your lies
Deceive them all
You're still gonna die
If your piss
Could cure me
Drink it yourself
As you suffer and bleed

You will not survive

Everything you do
Every breath you take
Makes me sick
They'll all celebrate
The day you die
And leave this world
Accomplishing nothing
What a futile goal

Traitor to humanity
Fuck everything you stand for
Drowning in a bloody sea
Corruption's fucking whore

We are still here despite your best efforts
We are not going away

You are fucking scum
Die on your knees
Track Name: Occupy Ignorance
Claim my life was a choice
Destroy my rights and silence my voice
Ignorance beyond belief
Keep one eye open while you sleep

How in all sensibility and logic
Does it make sense to your vapid mind
That anyone would choose a life
Of hardship at the hands of your kind?

Are you honestly that fucking stupid?
How do you function with such primitive thoughts?
Die at the hands of a world that's filled with
The hate your bullshit reason has wrought

Was I a mistake by design?
I think it would be in your best interest
To learn some respect and
Shut your fucking mouth

Keep one eye open while you sleep
The world is full of people
That want to see you bleed