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Euclid Really heavy, and lots of fun. His newer music has even taken on a highly political message, and a nice social commentary. Basically everything about this artist is great; Great music, lyrics, message, talent, everything!! Favorite track: Phone Your Wife, Tell Her You're Probably Never Going To See Her Again.
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Reissue of the first TAHB album with unreleased bonus tracks. The first 11 songs were originally written and recorded from 6/11/12 to 6/15/12 then released 6/18/12, the rest were written and recorded between 2009 and 2013.

Some songs have very rough mixes due to being older or project files being corrupted or lost before final mixing and mastering but have been included regardless.


released June 15, 2013



all rights reserved


The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo Orlando, Florida

no ground to be broken, no dressing to impress, no pretentiousness to pander to. just heavy angry music.

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Track Name: Is This A Joke Or A Concept?
What's the sense in preserving our humanity?
Is this civilization of decay something you really want to see prolonged?
What a terrible legacy to leave behind
All the avarice and the hatred
Please sing to me, it always calms me down
I have seen the dead walk
Oh my god
Track Name: Shot 'Em. Stabbed.
Every so often I toy with the idea that someday
I might just snap under the overbearing weight of your ignorance
And stop playing the part of the bigger man
What is it that the world sees in people like you?
I just hope you get what's really coming
Just what the hell were you thinking?
How can I turn the other cheek while people like you still walk this earth?
Track Name: You Have Been Unkind To The Birds Of The World
This must be a warranted case of karma but I swear
I never meant for my vices to get the best of me
Sure, I admit that I've taken ever-so-slightly more than I deserve
But isn't that the "American Dream"?
I'm entitled to push you down and bury your dreams
To build the stairway to my vapid goals, right?
For all the times I promised that I'd change with fingers crossed
I swear I would've meant it this time, oh god what have I done?
Please don't take my son
Track Name: I Have Way Too Many Teeth In My Mouth
Trust me, I know my reputation from reading the comments on youtube
Have you ever noticed how goddamn smart these kids are? No? Anyone?
Actually what is the sense in wasting time on things you don't like?
Mind your goddamn business
Music is dead it is the age of idiocy
I'm just playing along
Shut the hell up
Don't you have anything better to do?
Track Name: I Heard Books Are Like The Internet On Wood, Is This True???
There's a time and a place for everything and I swear
You are eloquently versed in the opposite of the status quo
Just sit back and enjoy the show
Like puppets they dance at every twitch of your fingers
And uttering from your silver lips
Yeah I've seen it all before
I've looked manipulation in the face
I know the scent of deceit
It lingers on your stale breath
Turn the key, pull the strings
Watch your marionettes act out this play
Be warned: I've left the stage
I'll set fire to this theater
Tonight the curtains fall
This charade is at an end
I'll set your script ablaze and throw it on your pyre
Track Name: Phone Your Wife, Tell Her You're Probably Never Going To See Her Again
Ever hear of integrity or dignity? No? I thought not
You are a disgrace, learn some humility and tact
You are a walking definition of self destruction
Track Name: What Kind Of Animal Would You Be Dingus?
Inevitability is established as formality in situations like this
I see you've already resigned yourself to the futility of it all
With such feeble ideals and efforts how could you expect
Anything less than such a harsh reality check?
These endeavors and sentiments are all too predictable
I've mapped out every conceivable destination and outcome
Everything would lead one to assume that the worst is yet to come
This is indeed a dark road to travel down
But I've weighed the risks and consequence
There will yet be poetic justice delivered
In the midst of all this turmoil, atrocity and chaos
With a hand guided by determination and ferocity
I will deliver a vindictive blow upon your house of shame
The balance calls for retribution and repercussion
The ends justify the means
And I mean to bring the end of you
Track Name: I Killed Everyone in My Village With An Argos Pen
Why the hell should I even begin to pay heed to your ceaseless
Lamentations and demands for originality?
All is born from a cosmic womb
Glass half empty or half full I'll take the hand I'm dealt
And bury you alive in the spoils of war
I'm a goddamn artist you senseless idiot
I'm here to create, don't bite the hand that feeds you
I will live forever in the journey while you perish at the destination
All your trivial complaints and wanton disrespect
Have been spun into a rope
And you have given the world more than enough to hang you with
Progression leads us to a convergence of all senses
Just as I create so shall I destroy
I already told you not to bite the hand that feeds you
I haven't the time or inclination to instruct you
In the finer points of being a worthwhile individual
As your final rasping breaths of air escape your throat
I will ask you for all your contributions or lackthereof to society
Was it all worth it?
Track Name: We All Laugh At That But It's Not A Joke, It's A Medical Condition
I wish I could grant you the solace of
"at least they'll remember you fondly"
But you don't deserve even that comfort
I won't forgive but I'll be damn sure that they forget
There's no more dwelling on what could've been
Only the here and now
In your final moments on this depraved and twisted planet
Will you continue to act so pathetic
Or find some honor to die with?
The choice is yours
Chance will spin the barrel in this game of roulette
I'm merely pulling the trigger
Track Name: You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Tweet Is About You (Pssst, Passive Aggressively, It Is)
Somehow it's come to this
Underhanded words and feelings
Vague accusations and self gratification

These empty words mean nothing to me
Your perspective will not define me
You are wrong in every way
I have no apologies
I have no room in my life for
betrayers that speak in the shadows

Don't speak my name and claim to know me
If you were honest you would show me
Everything you say is worthless
Don't act like you never deserved this

Get fucked. Run your mouth.

Fuck you and your high horse
This sanctimonious act
How could you stand the test of time
When you're always running out of it?

These double standards and lies
I'm surprised you ever made it
This far in life

I'm not sorry for a single thing I've said
You fairweather fuck, it's time you learn your place
What makes you better than me
When all I've ever been is your scapegoat
And a convenience?
Hold your tongue and never speak of me again

I've never noticed that quiet nagging in my back
I turn it on you and you see an opportunity
I will never give you the satisfaction
Or think that you could ever be like me

Say what you will, you've never believed in me
Why would I hesitate to crush you with reality
These empty words are fucking worthless
Don't try to say you don't deserve this

Run your mouth.
Track Name: Papal Conclave Selects Sarcastic Wonka As Next Bishop Of Rome
You are just a pathetic shit without a cause
Hiding behind all of your anachronistic laws
Admit your flaws, admit your flaws
Every sin is equal if we're damned you're joining us
When will they make a graveyard for the living?
You are dying out along with all the hate that you're spreading

Buried alive in the damage you've done
Everyone around you had no choice they had to run
You preach of hate and how we have no place
Rearrange our lives then dare to show your face

You are not welcome, false prophet, deceiver

How does my life even begin to affect yours
This is none of your concern
We won't be silenced by your stupidity
You judge but you will burn

Admit your flaws, admit your flaws
In years to come your memory will fade and you'll be gone
You'll be gone, You'll be gone
And everything you said you'll take with you, You were wrong

I'm the burning building that's collapsing all around you
I am the stars in the sky that start to fall
Everything you speak from your mouth reeks of deceit
We have every right to be outraged and act appauled

Step off, it's too late, we've all seen the harm that you create
It's all lies, there's no truth, you try so hard to corrupt the youth
Give up, you can't win, you're just as fucked as us when it comes to sin
Exit stage left, the world waits for you to draw your final breath

Who are you to dictate what it means to love
And mask your ignorance as word from above

You'll be gone, you were wrong

Track Name: What's The Best Youtube Video Of Obama Drones Doing The Harlem Shake?
Will we ever come to outgrow our dreams and former selves?
I know that's optimistic at best for some
Wallowing in self pity and doubt or worse
Corruption, manipulation and every negative quality
To plague the human race

How fitting that we should poison the very well we drink from
Do we really forge our own paths?
When every motion that we go through is a farce of cliche
Life as a rerun, redundant and overplayed

I won't play a part in this anymore
Step out of the box, away from the cycle
I'm done drawing inside the lines

Was there more I could have done?
Why entangle the future with the present?
This all was just an anchor to weigh me down
Don't misunderstand my words, I won't forget what I've learned
But my mistakes will not dictate my potential
Rise above

I won't play a part in this anymore
I know it's optimistic at best
I won't play a part in this anymore
Rise above what you detest

To my mistakes, enemies and former self:
You won't weigh me down
Track Name: Anvil Parachute
Open your closed eyes
Would it even matter if you could see?
With vision so shallow how can you expect
To make changes for the better?
You'll never see past these faults
That seemed to run so thin to me
I've watched you take the easy road time after time
Invest yourself in a worthwhile endeavor
Give us something to believe in
Evidence to the contrary of your actions
That speak louder than your words
Open your closed eyes
Do not remain asleep
This road is one of disappointment
What good is your pulse if you make no use of it
Someday you'll wake up, if not...

You are all better off asleep
Track Name: We All Secretly Root For Piñata Accidents
Real talk reigns supreme
I wear my heart on my sleeve
And practice what I believe
If you have an issue with me
Say it to my fucking face you coward
Hiding behind a guise of anonymity
Or undefined complaint, be warned
When push comes to shove
That I won't show restraint
An ill-conceived notion of opinion
Just what were you trying to accomplish?
Your face value is as deep as your
Shallow, petty words
Look yourself in the mirror and
Write coward across your eyes
That won't look into mine
Go fuck yourself
We don't have time for your asinine bullshit
Track Name: Dethroned
The earth is swallowed in fire
They sit atop their thrones and watch us burn
A kingdom of deceit, a legacy of misery
We all are orphans of compassion
We are slaves to a meaningless wage
This is the dawning of the darkest age
We are fed lies and expected to thrive
We'll all be lucky to make it out alive
Bow down, bow down
Face the throne
Behold crown
Seated atop the heads of vipers
Don't you hear it?
Can't you feel it?
The trumpets are sounding
The earth is swallowed in fire
We sit on our hands in blissful ignorance
While they spin the second hand towards the end
Bow down
There will be fire
A cry for uprising
We will bring your empire down around you
Buried in the ruins of your
Monoliths of treachery
We will see you fall
Deceivers, your dynasty is at it's end
The crown lies broken
We will see you dethroned and left to perish
The earth is swallowed in fire
I will watch you burn.
Track Name: I Am Not In Danger Skyler, I Am The Danger
Here we stand once again at the crossroads
Of cliche and reality
You must imagine yourself to be some kind
Of big deal or something right?
An exasperated sigh escapes the audience
And once again you fail to catch on
Let me clue you in
Just look at the goddamn
Immature fuck that you've become
Wrapped up in your stupid cliques
You've become an elitist prick
Sadly enough it won't amount to shit
Avoid the truth since you can't handle it
Once and for all can we end all this absurdity?
I know I said I'm not one for dictated ultimatums
But I'll go back on my word just this once
Grow up or get out
The past aches to maintain this bond
And I've got better things to set spark to
Than burning bridges
But the future rears it's head
Gnashing it's teeth in anticipation
And you will either be a part of it or a hindrance
How will all of this play out in the end I wonder?
All of this has been a one way fucking road
And you have the audacity to deny it
By invalidating my honesty and accusations
Through your fucking bullshit
The false image you present of yourself to
Those you try so hard to impress
I will tear it down with every last vestige of my strength
The world will come to see you as I have
You can get fucked
Once again our reputations precede us
Track Name: Trustfund Sponsored Privilege Dance Party
It must be so sad
To live such a fleeting existence
Wrapped up in your own world
Of petty opinions

Congratulations on all your success
You talked some shit and now you think you're the best
Milestone of the day: you had something pointless to say
By all means continue to define double standard
You must think you sound real deep amongst the swine to whom you've pandered

Someday karma will put you in your place
I know you haven't got the spine to say half of this to my face
This isn't a shallow tough guy act
I'll back up what I say, a quality that you lack

Step up or shut up
What have you done with your life?
You're just a shut-in fuck up
Dwelling on malice and spite

It must be so comforting behind that screen
Where there's no consequence and you're heard but not seen
I know you better than you know yourself
Your life has been wasted, you're dust on the shelf

It's hard to stomach the thought of your existence
I hope you pay with blood for your life's remittance

Keyboard warrior you're a fucking disgrace
I know you don't have the guts to show your fucking face

How tragic it is in this day and age full of strife and misery. That you would choose to go down the route of the lowest common denominator. The more gasoline you throw on the fire the sooner you'll crash and burn. I really hope I'm there to see it, I'm only here to expediate your departure. I try not to waste my energy being vindictive towards cowards like you, but just this once I'll allow myself the satsifaction of acknowledging that you aren't shit. You're not better than me and you never have been. The day your reality check comes crashing through your bullshit and wipes that ignorant smug expression from your gormless face, the day your own insignificance dawns upon you, understand that this is what we all had wished for and what you duly deserved.

Go fuck yourself
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Just give me one goddamn chance to remind you
You will not forget
You are less than nothing