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Fuck you and your crew. You and your clique aren't worth shit. This is the brutal truth and I know you can't handle it. Let me know when you've had enough. We both know you'll never measure up. Our brief encounter will serve as nothing more than a parable, you exist to me as a mere lesson, a reminder of the filth humanity has devolved into and you deserve less than that. Abandon dignity if you ever even had it for convenience. You're a fucking joke. The facade collapses, the cracks begin to show. You're a fucking passing phase no one will ever know. No brand, no name, no loyalty, just shame. You aren't cut out to make it in this game. You are not engineered to succeed. Who the fuck do you think you are? This is my world. I don't know who you think you are. I don't know how you got this far. Slither in the soil where you belong, under my heel, out of sight out of mind. No respect for you. I'm sure somewhere out of earshot, you have plenty to say about me. That's fine, your opinions and words amount to less than the smallest grain of sand. Build your false empire on shallow dreams and shallower ideals. I'll be watching when it all collapses. This is my game, this is my world. What's left to say of you and your deceit? This treachery runs deep. You're a dime a dozen and your legacy will crumble in your shadow before anyone ever knows your name. Keep that spring your step. Keep that strut in your walk. Your knees will still buckle when the weight of the world crashes down on you. I want to hear the bones crack. I want to hear the tendons snap. I want to feel your desperation. I want to see the desolation. You are a pest, you are vermin, call the exterminator. Consider this a notice of eviction. I want you out of my life. I don't know why you think that you're hot shit. This is my world and you can't handle it. Like smoke to the hive, cut the ties. you have no place in my life. You can't keep up, you can't fess up, you can't shut up, you goddamn fuck up. Your lies will catch up to you and swallow you alive. Everyone you've fooled will come to know your true nature. This is my world. Stop wasting our time, your vain efforts to make a name for yourself will always end the same. You're gonna fail. You're gonna fall. Close the curtains. End it all. You and your clique ain't worth shit. Fuck you and your crew.


from III: Dharma Collapse, released February 9, 2015



all rights reserved


The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo Orlando, Florida

no ground to be broken, no dressing to impress, no pretentiousness to pander to. just heavy angry music.

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